The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka is a small higher education institution, firmly rooted in the region, but with an international reach. It is focused on providing a unique atmosphere for studying and ensuring a high-quality education, which prepares our students for an easy entry into the labour and business market.

Over the last few years UCTE has strengthened its position in prestigious national rankings of higher education institutions. It currently takes 1st place among Polish universities providing tourism courses, according to the ‘Tourist News’ and 6th place in the ranking of the most influential and opinion-forming weekly magazine 'Wprost'. Last year, in the most important ranking of higher education institutions by 'Rzeczpospolita' and 'Perspektywy', UCTE received a special award 'AWANS 2012' ('Promotion 2012') for the greatest qualitative leap among Polish higher education institutions. UCTE was also awarded an honorary badge for "Merit to Tourism" by the Minister of Sport and Tourism in recognition of its contribution to the development of Polish tourism and its commitment to strengthen international cooperation in this field.

Thanks to our highly qualified educators, UCTE provides its students with specialized knowledge and experience. Our academic staff consists of distinguished lecturers and researchers associated with renowned educational institutions in Poland and abroad. Stable and experienced teaching staff provides a learning environment  conducive to the personal development of our students. The University policy does not accept any compromises in this matter, as such compromises would affect the level of education, leading to a decline in student satisfaction and lowering employment opportunities for the future graduates. The rector of UCTE is prof. Janusz Sondel, the winner of the Foundation for Polish Science Award in 1999, repeatedly awarded by the Ministry of Education, honoured with the Royal City of Krakow Award in 2007, a long-time researcher at the Jagiellonian University, an expert in Roman law. Moreover, the University frequently plays host to monographic lectures delivered by prominent figures of science, culture and politics. Our honoured guests included: prof. Danuta Hübner, prof. Aleksander Krawczuk, prof. Jan Ostrowski, prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz and dr Marek Jerzy Nowakowski.

The University offers a unique atmosphere that accompanies studying. Students easily soak up knowledge in exceptional interiors of the beautiful Renaissance castle, called ‘Little Wawel’, the main headquarters of UCTE. Inside the historic walls you can find modern, well-equipped lecture halls, classrooms and computer labs. Young people highly appreciate the intimate atmosphere and a wide range of opportunities to gain theoretical and practical knowledge, in Poland and abroad.

USTE educates people not only from the southern Poland. Its rich curriculum and effective education is highly attractive for students from other parts of the country (eg: Sanok, Gdańsk, Pińczów, Rzeszow, Lublin, Jelenia Góra). We are also happy to welcome a large group of students from abroad (including Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary, Georgia), who appreciate and value our European educational standards, openness and flexibility.

The success of the University is measured by the achievements of its students. It can be obtained by combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills, with an emphasis on the latter. Students not only gain knowledge, but also develop their interests and discover their own potential. Those who want to achieve more, can benefit from a number of scientific clubs and societies. Already during the course of studies the University provides its students with the possibility of combining theoretical knowledge with practice.

The University is firmly rooted in the region. We conduct a number of initiatives aimed at improving the position of UCTE as a major partner in the IT industry, tourism and administration.

We actively cooperate with the business sector. Companies invite our students so that everyone could get a chance to meet their potential employer. Our curricula are designed in a way to respond to the market environment and the available majors aim to outstrip the needs of employers. The University College of Tourism and Ecology cooperates with many business practitioners and scientists who are actively employed in the companies well-known on the Polish market. UCTE increases the chances of its students on the European labour market by creating vast opportunities during the course of studies to gain additional qualifications - we organise a wide range of courses, workshops, trainings and meetings with representatives of the public, political and scientific life.





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